What is HIJAB?

Culture and tradition are something that people from every corner of the world love to practice and cherish. Every country across the globe has its own culture, custom, and tradition. And it is one’s culture and tradition that distinguish and make each one unique and beautiful. Every country or every religion preserve and follow their culture and tradition. And when we talk about culture and tradition, it will include everything, be it songs, dance, attire or anything. So here in this article, we will discuss on cultural attire of Muslim countries. HIJAB- I guess everyone might be aware of this word, but for those who are new and unaware of this word, HIJAB, you are in the right place.

Through this article, we will get discuss Abaya and how it has become a fashion trend across the world. Muslim women believe that their modesty should be reflected in their dress and clothing. And HIJAB refers to a kind of cloth or scarf that is used for covering the head. And we can see that Muslim women have the tradition of wearing HIJAB on their head to cover it. And the primary purpose or motive of wearing this HIJAB by Muslim women is that they believe that by wearing HIJAB, they are obeying their master.

As it is written and mention in their holy Quran that HIJAB indicates moral conduct, character, manners, and speech of women. And hence they wore HIJAB to show their modesty towards their master. And it also protects and safeguards them from the eyes of people, like admiration, likeness, and attraction from other men apart from her husband. HIJAB acts as a shield that prevents and protects Muslim women from the evil eyes and safeguard her pride and honour. However, now in the present time, HIJAB has become a trend and famous in the fashion industry and

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