What is Aluminum Die casting?

Aluminum diecasting is a production process used for the production of smooth and soft surfaced metallic parts. This manufacturing process is done by forcing certain molten metals into a mold form due to high-pressure systems. This process mainly used to achieve desired characters in the metals such as resistance to corrosion; it induces high conductivity and a reasonably good stiffness and strength to weight ratio. This manufacturing process takes place at a large scale, resulting in its rapid production, allowing a large quantity of die casting parts to be produced significantly less. This method is also proven to be more effective than other alternative casting processes available.

The alloys used for the diecasting process are lightweight and possess a very high dimensional stability for a complicated part of geometries and thin walls. Aluminum withstands a reasonably good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties and high thermal and electrical conductivity, hence making it an excellent alloy for the die casting process. Low-density aluminum metals are more favorable in the diecasting industry. The aluminum diecasting process is done in cold chamber machines because it retains a very durable strength at high temperatures. The pressure required for cold chamber castings is typically higher than those of the hot chamber die casting processes.

The aluminum diecasting method is the most commonly cast non-ferrous metal in the world due to its characteristics and the significantly less effort required. The casting process uses a steel mold capable of production of tens of thousands of casting in rapid succession. The process must be appropriately monitored, and the die must be made in at least two sections to allow the removal of castings.

The process begins with the two die halves clamped together by the diecasting press. Meanwhile, molten aluminum is injected into the die cavity where it solidifies quickly. The sections are adjusted that one stays stationary while the other one is movable. After this, the die halves are drawn apart, and the casting is ejected. Most aluminum die casting companymachines use mechanisms actuated by hydraulic cylinders to achieve locking while others use hydraulic pressure.

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