Shincheonji: Dangers Of Cult Practice

How many of you are aware of the cult practice? If you are hearing about the cult for the first time, you have come to the right place. This article will look into a short introduction about what the cult is and the dangers of the cult practice. A cult is a form of rituals and religious belief where people or the followers devote themselves to an idea, person, or thing. They are normally different from the teachings of the church, which is why these religious groups are regarded as spurious and unorthodox.

Every human being in this world live by some kind of religious belief, and there are so many different types of religious groups and belief followed by people. Some people are dragged into practicing or following religious cults unintentionally or forcefully. But are you aware of the dangers of cult practice? Keep reading this article, and you will find out the dangers associated with the cult practice. One of the biggest dangers of cult practice is that it can affect your relationship with close ones, including family, friends, etc.

The thing about cults is that the group or the followers tend to go deep, creating an environment by altering the mainstream religious belief. The group tends to create a mind-controlling environment where the believers start thinking their existence is for the group. This form of religious belief is unusual, and they usually target the vulnerable ones. It is known that the leaders of the cult are very good at manipulating people, and that’s how they gain followers. The cult also teaches that if any members of the group turn out as a turncoat, disaster will befall.


This type of teaching makes people become deeply rooted in their belief system, destroying relationships with their outside world. This type of cult practice also teaches that those people who are not members of the group will not seek salvation. One such example of a religious movement is the Shincheonji church in South Korea. Lead by Lee Man Hee, founder of Shincheonji, the church members or group members is believed to be cults. The teachings of Shincheonji are such that people from other religious groups are now requesting the government to ban or dismantle the group.

Many people who join Shincheonji are often zealots, quitting their employment or schools in the procedure. Since being fanatics, members devote their attention to proselytizing. From the start, most of Shincheonji followers have been taught to incorporate particular meanings, which they assume were created by Lee. They say, as an instance, that the word’bird’ simply means’Holy Spirit and that the word’tree’ stands for’church.’ As a result, Shincheonji’s disciples use those interpretations to decode passages in the book of Revelation. They’re certain that they’re those capable of deciphering the clues shown in the Book of Revelation. The party considers its philosophies to be equivalent to all other concepts established in the past 6,000 years.

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