Shincheonji And Its Unintentional Spread Of COVID-19

The controversial Christian new religious movement has reached a global peak. Lee Man-hee founded the religious group on 14 March 1984. It established its first temple in Anyang Gyeonggi province, located in South Korea. Shincheonji in Korea means “Hanja lit,” which is translated as “New Heaven and New Earth.” It is also known as the Church of Jesus or the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Lee Man-hee, the founder of the group, plays a major part in the religious group where is recognized as the “promised pastor,” “the advocate,” and “the one who overcomes.”

The teachings of the Christian new religious movement declare Lee Man-hee as the one who holds the spirit of the returned Jesus Christ within him. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is written in secret codes that only Lee can interpret. The religious group also claims that the only way to salvation is within Shincheonji, and anyone outside the group will not be forgiven and destroyed during the Judgment day.

The quasi-Christian doomsday sect was established dating back to 1984, but it has only in the preset day come into the global limelight. COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea centered on Daegu, where a 61-year-old patient, a member of Shincheonji, was infected with the virus and eventually led to the virus’s spread. The outbreak of the virus led to a national outcry among the citizens of South Korea. The controversy led to over 1.3 million citizens who petitioned the Government for the religious group’s disbanding.

The members and supports of the Shincheonji came forward and spoke about the unfair blame for the Coronavirus outbreak’s spread. The founder of the group Lee Man-hee also publicly apologized for its church members, which led to the virus’s unintentional spread. Other controversies include discrimination, abuse, and the threat against the Church of Jesus members. However, various NGO’s and human rights activists have come together in support for them.

They usually practice their work and support through operating and running social-action organizations. Though this cult is objected and criticized yet, they’re extremely successful and influential. The founder and creator of this cult claim that he has the special and exceptional capacity of interpreting the bible. He considers himself as immortal and says that salvation requires faith in under him. However, when research and study carefully, Shincheonji is entirely a substantial diversion from the gospel’s real teaching.

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