Pacific West Academy – Helping Folks Become Pros

Pacific West Academy aims to educate people in executive protection training programs. Its task is to flip researchers in to tactically-proficient executive defense professionals. In any case, the Academy instills an awareness of social responsibility needed in the private security field. The Pacific West Academy was established in 2012 to teach students the basics of close protection and security operations. Advanced Security Concepts (ASC) is the Academy’s parent firm. It set up the Pacific West Academy because many applicants to executive safety positions lacked the basic knowledge required to become security professionals.

The Bodyguard training is headquartered at Van Nuys. It provides the training required to be useful in the executive defense and safety fields. Based on the ASC’s expertise in executive security field, the Academy developed a 104-hour long course which will impart knowledge and certification required to enter the executive defense profession. After tasting success, the Academy felt the need to modify its mission statement. It recognized that it was not enough to train protection agents only. However, it felt a responsibility to find job placements for anyone who failed the Academy’s training programs.

In 2016, the Pacific West Academy developed a more, more rigorous, and extensive program, that has been given recognition and obtained an ACCET certification. This program has been affected by the influx of security applicants who were in the military and wanting to start a career in a similar safety area. With an advanced knowledge course set up, the in-depth program helped improve the pupils’ ability and help them attain meaningful employment in the executive defense field. Since army specialists operate the Pacific West Academy, it gives a basis for transitioning into the civilian world.

The Academy’s environment facilitates the transformation in the military to the civilian world. Its team includes experienced law enforcement veterans and armed forces who have years of training and knowledge. Their safety wallpapers create tailor-made, cutting-edge training applications. The Pacific West Academy has been accredited by ACCET, recorded as a recognized agency by the U.S Government.

With the assistance of Pacific West Academy, people may acquire all the essential information, skills, and comprehension in becoming successful executive safety and security candidates. The knowledge that individuals gain from such a service will train them and provide a variety of chances.

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