Online Tutoring Jobs And Its Requirements

The growing flow of technology has yet again come up with the innovative approach of online learning. It involves the learning process through the virtual classroom environment. Online tutoring jobs perform similar activities of a teacher or a private tutor. However, the communication between teacher and learner is based on the virtual platform through computers, laptops, and the internet. Online education has become increasingly popular. As such, there has also been a rising need for online tutors.

Since an online tutor is similar to that of a private tutor or teacher, he/she is required to hold certain qualifications and skills. To qualify as an online tutor, the candidate needs to possess the educational qualification, teaching experience, or deep knowledge on the subject he/she intends to teach. Online tutoring involves teaching students as young as kindergartens to the college level. There are also distant-learning courses for adult learners. Depending on the learner’s level and the subject matter, the tutor’s qualification requirement may differ. Qualification or experience requirement also depends on the employer or the company.

While certain companies hiring online tutors may examine the educational qualification, experience, or scoring on college entrance exams, some employers also hire non-experienced tutors. However, the non-experienced candidate should have deep knowledge of the subject he/she is to teach. The skill requirement also adds value to the candidate seeking online tutoring jobs. The tutor should be proficient in English, both written and oral. Additional language knowledge is also a great advantage for the tutor. An online tutor should hold active listening, reading comprehension, learning strategies, instructing, and similar others.

In addition to educational qualification and the essential skills, an online tutor needs to be proficient in computer operations and the internet. Since the interaction between the learner and the teacher takes place on the virtual platform, the online tutor needs to be well-versed in online teaching techniques and tools. The tutor should also possess a personal computer or laptop, webcam, and high-speed internet.

Some employers and companies decide to employ non-experienced tutors, provided the candidate has deep knowledge on the subject he/she intends to teach. A fantastic online tutor also needs to be skilled in various learning approaches, instructing, active listening, reading comprehension, and similar others. He/She should also be fluent in English, both written and oral. Besides educational qualifications, teaching experiences, and computer knowledge, a skilled online tutor should have the zeal to impart knowledge.

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