Ergonomic office chair: What are the different factors that make up an ergonomic chair?

Certain features in an ergonomic office chair make it different from a traditional or standard office chair. One of the first unique features of an ergonomic office chair is its seat height adjustment. All ergonomic office chairs come with features that enable it to be either lengthened or shortened according to the body dimensions of the person sitting on it. While sitting on an ergonomic chair, it is best to adjust the seat height so that your legs will rest comfortably on the floor and place your knees above your hips.

Another essential feature that makes a chair an ergonomic office chair is the seat pan depth adjustment. It is a feature that allows the person sitting on the ergonomic chair to adjust the depth of the seat to a quarter-inch specification. An ergonomic chair will enable you to adjust the seat easily between the back of your knees and the edge of your seat, allowing both your legs to settle comfortably supporting blood flow. Therefore, such specifications in an ergonomic office chair prevent suffering from deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis occurs when there is a lack of equal blood flow to your legs.

An ergonomic office furniture also comes with other essential features like backrest height and back angle adjustment. The rear rest height adjustment enables you to adjust the backrest part of the chair, giving you the best optimum support for your back. The rear angle adjustment allows you to turn the back of your chair to a comfortable position, eventually reducing the pressure on your spine while sitting at work. There is also arm support adjustment in an ergonomic chair enabling, which gives you a comfortable experience while typing. This feature prevents you from having to stretch due to intensive typing.

A good quality ergonomic office chair also usually comes with good quality casters, back tilt tension and headrest adjustment. The casters in an ergonomic office chair provide you with the best support of your body weight as you enter and exit the chair. The back tilt tension allows you to easily adjust the pressure needed to roll back in your chair. The headrest adjustment, however, is not a default requirement in an ergonomic chair. This feature is meant to prevent you from gaining a stiff neck while working. Thus, the features mentioned above are the main factors that make an office chair an ergonomic office chair.

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